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Each one has a virtue and a vice.

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Chapter One

ruled the world,
thriving in her
cold and dreary

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Chapter One

In the beginning, Darkness ruled, thriving in a cold and dreary isolation. She held the world in a frozen embrace and felt safe, invincible, untouchable; the one and absolute ruler of her shadowy domain. Then, in an instant, everything changed – her certainty was blown apart, split asunder –  she saw something else, new and strange.  There it was again! Darting around, hurting her eyes – it was – Light! He was tiny and fast, twirling, flitting, and despite herself, Darkness crept towards him. She wanted him, wanted to possess him, to control him. She smiled. Light smiled too and revealed himself in all his brilliant white glory. Then with graceful steps and dazzling eyes, he seduced her.

After an eternity of loneliness, Darkness quickly surrendered to his charms and joined him in his dance of seduction and they were brought together. But soon, Light started to fear Darkness’ferocious passion and demands.  Indeed, Darkness showed him love and compassion, but, such love would not last; his strength would be no match for Darkness if her heart was turned once more. And so, without warning Light vanished.

Darkness was sad and angry. She longed for Light and felt betrayed. But, when she dreamed of revenge for his betrayal, she felt something stirring within her. Light had left her a gift.

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Chapter Two

Pain unimagined
wracked Darkness.
She fell to the
ground, clutching
at her stomach.

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Chapter Two

Unimaginable pain wracked Darkness and she fell to the ground.  Clutching her stomach, she plunged her fingers deep into the crevices of her icy cape. Then, when she pulled out her hand, something pulsed within the grip of her fingers, something alive and bright that was trying to escape. Darkness was horrified and intrigued: she uncurled her fist to see what lay there and, in an instant,, it had flown.

Darkness watched, filled with fear and delight as it transformed and grew, bold and brilliant. She marvelled at his beauty and bathed in his brightness. It was her firstborn child and she named him Yellow.

Then, another sharp pain, stronger than the first. Darkness recoiled and collapsed, as colour radiated: six more children Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet – the Iris Warriors – each one of them bursting with vibrancy. Together they spun and flew, sparkling with the joy of being alive.

Thanks to her beautiful children, Darkness then understood true love. She would never be alone again.

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Chapter Three

They scattered
like clouds before
a strong wind,
rejected Darkness's

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Chapter Three

Darkness was bathed in the joy of her children and endeavoured to keep them close for fear of loss. But the more she cossetted and smothered them, the more the Iris Warriors strived to be free of her – scattering like wisps of cloud in the force of a powerful wind.

As they skipped and danced away from Darkness’ clawing embrace, another feeling grew within her. Once again, Darkness felt betrayed, and found herself – ugly, slow and dull in comparison – consumed with fury. She hated being alone, and so vowed to destroy the Iris Warriors’ beauty.

Oblivious to her torment, Yellow led his brothers and sisters far away, across the world, trails of their lively presence following them as they went, imbuing life with colour, fun and thrill. Darkness brooded from afar, a storm brewing, the dark thoughts rolling and building as hatred stabbed away at her insides and venom poisoned her mind. She longed to unleash her fury on her cruel children, to punish them for their heartless, wanton betrayal.

A shimmering pool of water lay at Darkness’ feet, fish of the brightest colours, conjured by her children, swam within. She hated it! She plunged her hand into the pool, intending to capture a fish and squeeze the life from it, but as her cold, sharp fingers slipped beneath the surface, the water froze and darkened. Her fury and bitterness had destroyed everything within. A thin, evil smile crossed her face: she had power! Her children had the power to create, but she too had power ‐power to destroy and avenge what Light had done to her.

Mad laughter erupted from Darkness, filling the air with a pale, frigid fog. She spun rapidly, her brittle cloak whipping in the wind, her rigid skirts flailing as she moved faster and faster. As she spun, the fog around her swirled, grew and began to freeze, until suddenly it shattered, scattering piercing shards and spears of ice. Then, from these fragments, shadows began to emerge, small dark shadows formed just as Darkness herself. They were born of her wicked, dark mind – an army of wretches ready to do her bidding.

Darkness gathered her Shadows, and together they descended on an idyllic meadow of bright, colourful flowers. In moments that meadow was no more, just the pitch-dark sombre of an eternal night remained. Inspired, Darkness and her Shadows cast themselves upon every bright thing they unearthed – the darker, colder and uglier the world became, the happier they were.

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Chapter Four

Now Darkness
wanted more. she
wanted to weaken
and imprison the
Iris Warriors.

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Chapter Four

The Iris Warriors were too consumed with fun and play to notice Darkness and the Shadows wreaking havoc on their world. Darkness stalked the Iris Warriors, one step behind them, her Shadow army quickly desecrating everything they created. The moment the Warriors moved on, the Shadows swarmed, darkening and destroying. And yet, Darkness wanted more, soon she was intent on capturing and crushing the Iris Warriors forever.

Darkness knew her children’s weaknesses. With the help of her Shadows, she planned to use their vices against them; manipulate and encourage them to abandon each other. Then, they too would experience the bitter pain of betrayal, just as Darkness had.

And so, the battle began.

First there was Indigo, a needy child who felt she deserved anything she desired. The Shadows whispered to her, froze her heart and fed her greedy nature.  Until one day, as Indigo watched Yellow playing with a tiny bird, she demanded he share it with her. Yellow laughed at his sister and refused, but in doing so provoked the greed within Indigo to fester and grow.

Then onto Yellow, who loved nothing more than playing and merriment and was easy prey for the Shadows. Yellow’s vice was sloth, so when he sat down to rest, the Shadows sang him to sleep with a lullaby, stole his pet bird and devoured the exquisite world in which he lived.

Red Warrior was chaste, but the weakness of lust lay close, and he drew pleasure from watching Violet’s graceful movements – hers so different from his own, steeped in fire and intensity. Fuelled by the vengeful Indigo and the Shadows, Red’s passion grew, and he became filled with desire and consumed by the need to possess Violet.

As Violet combed her lustrous hair, Indigo approached and whispered softly that Red wanted her. Violet became consumed by her weakness – pride –  at being chosen by this fiery Warrior, and visited Red, flashing her beautiful eyes, to tease and tempt him. Red responded, strutting, posing and together they danced until, intoxicated by one another, they grew intent on running away together.

But still Darkness was not satisfied. She told Green of Red’s desire for Violet, and agitated Green’s envious nature.

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Chapter Five

Darkness smiled
her wicked smile.
Her work was
almost complete.

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Chapter Five

As Red and Violet prepared to leave, Green attempted to lure Red away from Violet. In response, Violet ridiculed and dismissed Green’s endeavours and Red, consumed with passion for Violet, merely ignored her.

Green’s envy turned to anger and pain. Green begged for help from Yellow, but he refused, so she sought comfort in the Shadows who flattered her beauty and encouraged her to make Blue hers. Together they told Blue of the foolishness of his siblings, and by doing so fed his weaknesses within.  His anger raged, his fury at the Warriors incited him to abandon them all. He turned from Green as she tried to seduce him and sought purpose in his wrath, to be encouraged into solace with the help of the Shadows.

The remaining warrior, Orange, loved to feast – greed was her weakness, her desire – and she longed to devour the fruits of the Warriors’ creation. Darkness whispered to her child, telling her of a place where rivers were filled with beautiful fish and the orchards were heavy with the ripest fruit; a place so abundant, that her wants would finally be satisfied.    Greedy and eager, Orange followed her mother with eyes only for the food and neither need nor interest in any other.

Darkness smiled her wicked smile. Her work was almost complete.

The darkness grew and in time, wormed within Yellow’s head as he slept. Shivering, he woke from his slumber to discover the chilling blackness around him. He, the leader, had failed the Warriors with his weakness, let himself fall prey to his mother’s wrongdoings. He flew to find his beautiful siblings, but when he did, found them without their lustre, strength and vitality, dispersed and divided.  All were frozen, as shrivelled leaves clinging to a dying tree, a simple breeze or the whisper of a Shadow threatened to send them spiralling to their death.

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Chapter Six

Yellow felt the
stinging chill of
his mother's

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Chapter Six

Yellow went to each sibling and pleaded with them to unite, to be strong and powerful, as they had once been. Alas, each of them was consumed by their own weakness; weaknesses that were divisive and destructive. And in turn, they all feared Darkness, and would not fight her.

Darkness looked upon her children and laughed with venomous malice; the Iris Warriors had defied her needs and now they were paying the price, becoming hopeless, their colours fading. Soon they would be no more.

As Darkness taunted them, Yellow sensed the stinging chill of her hatred and knew that to change their fate, he must face her, alone.

Yellow approached Darkness; he stared at her, a brilliant golden light radiating from him. With it, he urged Darkness back, tried to expel her from their world.  Darkness did not move, and Yellow’s light started to fade. Again, he tried to fight her, again his light blazed, but again, he failed. But as he fought, the golden warmth alerted his brothers and sisters and one by one they approached to watch their brother. What was he doing?

On Yellow fought, giving all he had, but he was rapidly tiring – his mother consuming his life from him.  The Warriors looked on, horrified, as Yellow fell back, his light fading, and now the Shadows swarmed, picking, snipping and weakening him.

A scream escaped Green’s lips – she hurled herself forward. With kindness as her strength, Green gave of herself and threw emerald light towards Darkness in defence of Yellow.

For a moment, the Iris Warriors were still, then, one by one, they raced forward, to help: Red, his passionate loving nature, there to defend all; Orange, with energy and restraint; and Blue, calm and measured with the knowledge that his patience had found him again. And there was Violet, filled with sweetness, humility and a love for her siblings that she remembered from long ago; and Indigo, the most charitable of the warriors, a harmonious force that could unite them all.

Darkness loomed with grim certainty, shadowing the Iris Warriors with her icy cloak, a thin smile playing across her face.  Gathering the shards of her cape, her Shadows, she swooped, bearing down on her children with brutal intent. But, as she approached, something was altered: as the light from the Iris Warriors first touched and then engulfed her, Darkness began to diminish and weaken. For now, the warriors had united, bonded together, not as individuals, but as one. Their colours combined into a single, dazzling white – the pure brilliant white of their father: Light.

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Chapter Seven

As the
Iris Warriors
moved forward,
Darkness slowly

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Chapter Seven

The light grew ever brighter, washing through Darkness to touch and illuminate the darkest corners of the world. The Shadows tried to hide, cloaking themselves in Darkness’ brittle skirts, but the Warriors’ light sought them out and banished them. Then their light was upon Darkness, and she slowly retreated, weakening with every step. The Iris Warriors surrounded her, united in a sphere of white flame, drenching all that was dark, and bathing its path in brilliance. On they fought until, at last, Darkness was vanquished, the Iris Warriors were victorious, united as one and joined for eternity. To this day, there they remain, a single luminescent brilliance, radiating for all to see, known to us all as the Sun.

Darkness is still present, yet weakened, and creeps in at sundown. Now, she knows that she can never triumph, because every day the sun will rise, golden yellow to mark the courage of Yellow Warrior.  And along with that sunrise, Light will bring warmth, comfort and new life to the world.

Yet, even on the brightest of days, the Sun weeps at the memory of that terrible battle, and a time when Darkness devastated the world.  And it’s on those days, silver droplets can be seen falling from the sun, golden tears, shining in her light. Then, for a moment, the virtues and sacrifices of each Iris Warrior is remembered, a testament to how life was created, and the heavens are seen to be painted with a divine and shimmering rainbow.

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green Warrior

Virtue: Kindness

Vice: Envy

Green is the kindest of the Warriors, a friend to all living things. However, her gentle, graceful ways can quickly turn to envy when she thinks others are getting more attention than her.

Green moves like leaves caressed by a gentle breeze, soft, graceful.

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indigo Warrior

Virtue: Charity/Love

Vice: Greed

Indigo is calm, careful, a harmonious presence, devoted to conserving and collecting. She loves with all her heart, will do anything to protect her brothers and sisters, but becomes greedy and covetous when she thinks others aren’t appreciating her.

Indigo moves like a loving mother, gathering and protecting.

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blue Warrior

Virtue: Patience

Vice: Wrath

Blue is a deep thinker, moves with power and certainty. He is nurturing and insightful, but when his brothers and sisters are acting foolishly he cannot contain his impatience, turns wrathful and confrontational.

Blue moves like a powerful predator, strong, haughty, assured.

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violet Warrior

Virtue: Humility

Vice: Pride

Violet is a calm, soothing presence on the other Warriors, her movements graceful and flowing, but she takes too much pride in herself, wants the others to notice her, becomes moody if she thinks she is being ignored.

Violet moves like soft evening light, soothing and caressing.

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red Warrior

Virtue: Chastity

Vice: Lust

Red is a fierce Warrior, passionate and committed, honest and true. He is a good friend to those in need and devoted to those he loves, but at times he allows his passions to rule his actions. His movements are spikey, powerful, full of energy.

Red moves like tongues of flame, darting, energetic.

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yellow Warrior

Virtue: Diligence

Vice: Sloth

Yellow is the first born, the leader, the one who must unite the Warriors when Darkness threatens. Fun loving and playful, full of energy and strength, he can easily get distracted, lose interest in what is happening around him, give in to sloth.

Yellow moves like light itself, breaking through the clouds to illuminate everything it touches.

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orange Warrior

Virtue: Temperance

Vice: Gluttony

Orange is happy and energetic, eager to explore and experience everything. The youngest of the warriors, she is easily swayed, feels the need to claim things as her own, devours the fruits of the forest in her petulant greed.

Orange moves like flashes of sunlight sparkling on a field of dew.

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