The Making of Iris Warriors

Iris Warriors has often been described as the project that never should have happened. A dream seven years in the making, it required not just creativity, but also determination, sacrifice, hard work and even a pinch of luck to finally emerge, blinking, into the light.

The Making of Iris Warriors goes behind the scenes of this “impossible” project, takes you on a journey of heartbreak, of elation, of disappointment, but ultimately one of triumph.

  • Meet the people who understood and embraced Donroy’s vision and gave everything they could to make it happen.
  • Meet the dancers who worked 10 hour days to bring the characters to life.
  • Hear from Roydon and Don as they discuss how they overcame the roadblocks and challenges that were thrown at them.

Iris Warriors is a story that will move you, a sight that will enthral you, and a project that will inspire you.