Chapter Four

Now Darkness
wanted more. she
wanted to weaken
and imprison the
Iris Warriors.

The Iris Warriors were too consumed with fun and play to notice Darkness and the Shadows wreaking havoc on their world. Darkness stalked the Iris Warriors, one step behind them, her Shadow army quickly desecrating everything they created. The moment the Warriors moved on, the Shadows swarmed, darkening and destroying. And yet, Darkness wanted more, soon she was intent on capturing and crushing the Iris Warriors forever.

Darkness knew her children’s weaknesses. With the help of her Shadows, she planned to use their vices against them; manipulate and encourage them to abandon each other. Then, they too would experience the bitter pain of betrayal, just as Darkness had.

And so, the battle began.

First there was Indigo, a needy child who felt she deserved anything she desired. The Shadows whispered to her, froze her heart and fed her greedy nature.  Until one day, as Indigo watched Yellow playing with a tiny bird, she demanded he share it with her. Yellow laughed at his sister and refused, but in doing so provoked the greed within Indigo to fester and grow.

Then onto Yellow, who loved nothing more than playing and merriment and was easy prey for the Shadows. Yellow’s vice was sloth, so when he sat down to rest, the Shadows sang him to sleep with a lullaby, stole his pet bird and devoured the exquisite world in which he lived.

Red Warrior was chaste, but the weakness of lust lay close, and he drew pleasure from watching Violet’s graceful movements – hers so different from his own, steeped in fire and intensity. Fuelled by the vengeful Indigo and the Shadows, Red’s passion grew, and he became filled with desire and consumed by the need to possess Violet.

As Violet combed her lustrous hair, Indigo approached and whispered softly that Red wanted her. Violet became consumed by her weakness – pride –  at being chosen by this fiery Warrior, and visited Red, flashing her beautiful eyes, to tease and tempt him. Red responded, strutting, posing and together they danced until, intoxicated by one another, they grew intent on running away together.

But still Darkness was not satisfied. She told Green of Red’s desire for Violet, and agitated Green’s envious nature.