Chapter Two

Pain unimagined
wracked Darkness.
She fell to the
ground, clutching
at her stomach.

Unimaginable pain wracked Darkness and she fell to the ground.  Clutching her stomach, she plunged her fingers deep into the crevices of her icy cape. Then, when she pulled out her hand, something pulsed within the grip of her fingers, something alive and bright that was trying to escape. Darkness was horrified and intrigued: she uncurled her fist to see what lay there and, in an instant,, it had flown.

Darkness watched, filled with fear and delight as it transformed and grew, bold and brilliant. She marvelled at his beauty and bathed in his brightness. It was her firstborn child and she named him Yellow.

Then, another sharp pain, stronger than the first. Darkness recoiled and collapsed, as colour radiated: six more children Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet – the Iris Warriors – each one of them bursting with vibrancy. Together they spun and flew, sparkling with the joy of being alive.

Thanks to her beautiful children, Darkness then understood true love. She would never be alone again.