There are 7 Iris Warriors.
Each one has a virtue and a vice.

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green Warrior

Virtue: Kindness

Vice: Envy

Green is the kindest of the Warriors, a friend to all living things. However, her gentle, graceful ways can quickly turn to envy when she thinks others are getting more attention than her.

Green moves like leaves caressed by a gentle breeze, soft, graceful.

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indigo Warrior

Virtue: Charity/Love

Vice: Greed

Indigo is calm, careful, a harmonious presence, devoted to conserving and collecting. She loves with all her heart, will do anything to protect her brothers and sisters, but becomes greedy and covetous when she thinks others aren’t appreciating her.

Indigo moves like a loving mother, gathering and protecting.

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blue Warrior

Virtue: Patience

Vice: Wrath

Blue is a deep thinker, moves with power and certainty. He is nurturing and insightful, but when his brothers and sisters are acting foolishly he cannot contain his impatience, turns wrathful and confrontational.

Blue moves like a powerful predator, strong, haughty, assured.

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violet Warrior

Virtue: Humility

Vice: Pride

Violet is a calm, soothing presence on the other Warriors, her movements graceful and flowing, but she takes too much pride in herself, wants the others to notice her, becomes moody if she thinks she is being ignored.

Violet moves like soft evening light, soothing and caressing.

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red Warrior

Virtue: Chastity

Vice: Lust

Red is a fierce Warrior, passionate and committed, honest and true. He is a good friend to those in need and devoted to those he loves, but at times he allows his passions to rule his actions. His movements are spikey, powerful, full of energy.

Red moves like tongues of flame, darting, energetic.

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yellow Warrior

Virtue: Diligence

Vice: Sloth

Yellow is the first born, the leader, the one who must unite the Warriors when Darkness threatens. Fun loving and playful, full of energy and strength, he can easily get distracted, lose interest in what is happening around him, give in to sloth.

Yellow moves like light itself, breaking through the clouds to illuminate everything it touches.

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orange Warrior

Virtue: Temperance

Vice: Gluttony

Orange is happy and energetic, eager to explore and experience everything. The youngest of the warriors, she is easily swayed, feels the need to claim things as her own, devours the fruits of the forest in her petulant greed.

Orange moves like flashes of sunlight sparkling on a field of dew.

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