Chapter Seven

As the
Iris Warriors
moved forward,
Darkness slowly

The light grew ever brighter, washing through Darkness to touch and illuminate the darkest corners of the world. The Shadows tried to hide, cloaking themselves in Darkness’ brittle skirts, but the Warriors’ light sought them out and banished them. Then their light was upon Darkness, and she slowly retreated, weakening with every step. The Iris Warriors surrounded her, united in a sphere of white flame, drenching all that was dark, and bathing its path in brilliance. On they fought until, at last, Darkness was vanquished, the Iris Warriors were victorious, united as one and joined for eternity. To this day, there they remain, a single luminescent brilliance, radiating for all to see, known to us all as the Sun.

Darkness is still present, yet weakened, and creeps in at sundown. Now, she knows that she can never triumph, because every day the sun will rise, golden yellow to mark the courage of Yellow Warrior.  And along with that sunrise, Light will bring warmth, comfort and new life to the world.

Yet, even on the brightest of days, the Sun weeps at the memory of that terrible battle, and a time when Darkness devastated the world.  And it’s on those days, silver droplets can be seen falling from the sun, golden tears, shining in her light. Then, for a moment, the virtues and sacrifices of each Iris Warrior is remembered, a testament to how life was created, and the heavens are seen to be painted with a divine and shimmering rainbow.