Chapter Six

Yellow felt the
stinging chill of
his mother's

Yellow went to each sibling and pleaded with them to unite, to be strong and powerful, as they had once been. Alas, each of them was consumed by their own weakness; weaknesses that were divisive and destructive. And in turn, they all feared Darkness, and would not fight her.

Darkness looked upon her children and laughed with venomous malice; the Iris Warriors had defied her needs and now they were paying the price, becoming hopeless, their colours fading. Soon they would be no more.

As Darkness taunted them, Yellow sensed the stinging chill of her hatred and knew that to change their fate, he must face her, alone.

Yellow approached Darkness; he stared at her, a brilliant golden light radiating from him. With it, he urged Darkness back, tried to expel her from their world.  Darkness did not move, and Yellow’s light started to fade. Again, he tried to fight her, again his light blazed, but again, he failed. But as he fought, the golden warmth alerted his brothers and sisters and one by one they approached to watch their brother. What was he doing?

On Yellow fought, giving all he had, but he was rapidly tiring – his mother consuming his life from him.  The Warriors looked on, horrified, as Yellow fell back, his light fading, and now the Shadows swarmed, picking, snipping and weakening him.

A scream escaped Green’s lips – she hurled herself forward. With kindness as her strength, Green gave of herself and threw emerald light towards Darkness in defence of Yellow.

For a moment, the Iris Warriors were still, then, one by one, they raced forward, to help: Red, his passionate loving nature, there to defend all; Orange, with energy and restraint; and Blue, calm and measured with the knowledge that his patience had found him again. And there was Violet, filled with sweetness, humility and a love for her siblings that she remembered from long ago; and Indigo, the most charitable of the warriors, a harmonious force that could unite them all.

Darkness loomed with grim certainty, shadowing the Iris Warriors with her icy cloak, a thin smile playing across her face.  Gathering the shards of her cape, her Shadows, she swooped, bearing down on her children with brutal intent. But, as she approached, something was altered: as the light from the Iris Warriors first touched and then engulfed her, Darkness began to diminish and weaken. For now, the warriors had united, bonded together, not as individuals, but as one. Their colours combined into a single, dazzling white – the pure brilliant white of their father: Light.