Chapter Five

Darkness smiled
her wicked smile.
Her work was
almost complete.

As Red and Violet prepared to leave, Green attempted to lure Red away from Violet. In response, Violet ridiculed and dismissed Green’s endeavours and Red, consumed with passion for Violet, merely ignored her.

Green’s envy turned to anger and pain. Green begged for help from Yellow, but he refused, so she sought comfort in the Shadows who flattered her beauty and encouraged her to make Blue hers. Together they told Blue of the foolishness of his siblings, and by doing so fed his weaknesses within.  His anger raged, his fury at the Warriors incited him to abandon them all. He turned from Green as she tried to seduce him and sought purpose in his wrath, to be encouraged into solace with the help of the Shadows.

The remaining warrior, Orange, loved to feast – greed was her weakness, her desire – and she longed to devour the fruits of the Warriors’ creation. Darkness whispered to her child, telling her of a place where rivers were filled with beautiful fish and the orchards were heavy with the ripest fruit; a place so abundant, that her wants would finally be satisfied.    Greedy and eager, Orange followed her mother with eyes only for the food and neither need nor interest in any other.

Darkness smiled her wicked smile. Her work was almost complete.

The darkness grew and in time, wormed within Yellow’s head as he slept. Shivering, he woke from his slumber to discover the chilling blackness around him. He, the leader, had failed the Warriors with his weakness, let himself fall prey to his mother’s wrongdoings. He flew to find his beautiful siblings, but when he did, found them without their lustre, strength and vitality, dispersed and divided.  All were frozen, as shrivelled leaves clinging to a dying tree, a simple breeze or the whisper of a Shadow threatened to send them spiralling to their death.