Chapter One

ruled the world,
thriving in her
cold and dreary

In the beginning, Darkness ruled, thriving in a cold and dreary isolation. She held the world in a frozen embrace and felt safe, invincible, untouchable; the one and absolute ruler of her shadowy domain. Then, in an instant, everything changed – her certainty was blown apart, split asunder –  she saw something else, new and strange.  There it was again! Darting around, hurting her eyes – it was – Light! He was tiny and fast, twirling, flitting, and despite herself, Darkness crept towards him. She wanted him, wanted to possess him, to control him. She smiled. Light smiled too and revealed himself in all his brilliant white glory. Then with graceful steps and dazzling eyes, he seduced her.

After an eternity of loneliness, Darkness quickly surrendered to his charms and joined him in his dance of seduction and they were brought together. But soon, Light started to fear Darkness’ferocious passion and demands.  Indeed, Darkness showed him love and compassion, but, such love would not last; his strength would be no match for Darkness if her heart was turned once more. And so, without warning Light vanished.

Darkness was sad and angry. She longed for Light and felt betrayed. But, when she dreamed of revenge for his betrayal, she felt something stirring within her. Light had left her a gift.